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Iles du Ponant

  • Standing on France’s western coast, whether in Normandy, Brittany or south along the Atlantic, you will often notice islands, or sometimes just a single romantic isle, on the horizon. They call temptingly to you.

    Some 15 of these splendid islands have gathered together to form the Association des Iles du Ponant (informally, the French western isles) to promote their varied charms. They start in the north with magical Chausey, the Norman Channel archipelago above the Bay of Mont St-Michel that escaped the English grasp! They end in the south with adorable Aix, beyond the Charente River’s estuary. In between, many of Brittany’s best-loved islands count among the Iles du Ponant.


    Many of these Islands are easy to reach from Lorient South Brittany Airport : île de Groix, Belle-Île, île de Houat, île d’Hoëdic, Île-aux-Moines, île d’Arz, archipel des Glénan.

    There is a daily ferry-boat service From Lorient to Groix Island (Île de Groix) and from Quiberon to Belle-Île / Houat & Hoëdic). This is an anual service.

    More informations about the ferry-boat service:

    Call: 0820 056 156

    More informations concerning these Islands: