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- Flights all year round
- 3 daily flights during the week
- 2 daily flights on weekends
- Aircraft : ATR72-600 of 72 seats
- Flight time : 1h25
- Departures from Lorient : 6:35, 10:50, 17:50 (weekdays)
- Departure from Paris : 8:50, 15:45, 20:00 (weekdays)
- Correspondence in Paris : Marseille, Toulon, Nice, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon, London, Barcelona, ​​New York, Pointe-à-Pitre, Fort-de-France, St. Denis of Reunion...

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- 2 flights a week all year round, every Tuesday and Saturday
- Aircraft : Boeing 737-800 with 189 seats
- Flight time : 1:40
- Departure Lorient on Tuesday at 13:00, arrival Porto 13:40 and Saturday at 12:20, arrival Porto 13:00
- Departure from Porto on Tuesday 9:55, arrival Lorient 12:35 and Saturday 9:15, arrival Lorient 11:55
- Connections from Porto to : Lisbon, Faro, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Canary Islands, Tenerife, Seville, Rome, Milan, Marseille ...

- Warning : Security checks are reinforced at the start and at the finish. Be sure to bring a passport or ID. Thank you to quickly introduce yourself in the boarding room to submit to customs formalities. Wait times longer than normal are expected.

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Departures Arrivals
Vol Destination Statut
Vol Provenance Statut
AF7395Paris Orly-ouestDécollé
AF7391Paris Orly-ouestDécollé
AF7397Paris Orly-ouestDécollé
AF7395Paris Orly-ouestDécollé
AF7391Paris Orly-ouestDécollé
AF7397Paris Orly-ouestDécollé
AF7396Paris Orly-ouestAnnulé
AF7394Paris Orly-ouestArrivé 17h36
AF7390Paris Orly-ouestArrivé 11h02
AF7396Paris Orly-ouestArrivé 22h07
AF7394Paris Orly-ouestArrivé 17h24
AF7390Paris Orly-ouestArrivé 10h33

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