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Transport Bretagne

On reservation only.

Order your car with driver! On arrival you are greeted by a private driver in costume. It helps you to collect and carry your luggage. Fast and economical, this service facilitates your travels in the Lorient region and Brittany.


ECO Service

Enjoy a pleasant service at an attractive price.

Peugeot 508 - From € 10 incl.


Business Service

Move in French elegance at the price of traditional transport.

Mercedes E-Class - From € 30 TTC

Peugeot Traveler - From € 30 incl.


Luxury Service

On board an exceptional vehicle, make your trip a pleasant and relaxing one.

Mercedes class V - From 50 € TTC.



Lorient South Brittany Airport

Tel: +33 (0) 297 87 21 83

N ° Siret: 498304138 - N ° Transport License: EVTC056120003

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Departures Arrivals
Vol Destination Statut
Vol Provenance Statut
AF7735Paris CdgDécollé
A54141Lyon St ExuperyDécollé
GP155Toulouse BlagnacDécollé
A54147Lyon St ExuperyDécollé
AF7749Paris CdgDécollé
AF7735Paris CdgDécollé
A54142Lyon St ExuperyArrivé 09h32
A54148Lyon St ExuperyArrivé 21h50
GP154Toulouse BlagnacArrivé 19h10
AF7750Paris CdgArrivé 17h50
AF7734Paris CdgArrivé 13h59
A54142Lyon St ExuperyArrivé 10h45

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