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The airport of Lorient South Brittany, an original vector of communication

  • A catchment area at one hour from the airport of nearly 700,000 inhabitants
  • The Morbihan 5th French tourist department in terms of nights
  • 128,000 passengers in 2016, the majority on business trips as well as leisure travelers
  • 17,000 visitors per month on the website, more than 200,000 visits per year

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Departures Arrivals
Vol Destination Statut
Vol Provenance Statut
AF7391Paris Orly-ouestDécollé
AF7397Paris Orly-ouestDécollé
GP155Toulouse BlagnacDécollé
AF7395Paris Orly-ouestDécollé
AF7391Paris Orly-ouestAnnulé
AF7390Paris Orly-ouestArrivé 10h15
AF7390Paris Orly-ouest
FR3734PortoArrivé 08h40
AF7396Paris Orly-ouestArrivé 22h24
GP154Toulouse BlagnacArrivé 18h06
AF7394Paris Orly-ouestArrivé 17h13

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