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Rates applicable from april 2017

The setting of airport charge rates at state airports has been regulated since 2012 by an independent supervisory authority (ASI). Its missions include ensuring that the aerodrome operator receives a fair return on capital invested.

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Departures Arrivals
Vol Destination Statut
Vol Provenance Statut
A54147Lyon St ExuperyDécollé
AF7749Paris CdgDécollé
AF7735Paris CdgDécollé
A54141Lyon St ExuperyDécollé
A54147Lyon St ExuperyDécollé
AF7749Paris CdgDécollé
AF7750Paris CdgArrivé 17h24
AF7734Paris CdgArrivé 13h54
A54142Lyon St ExuperyArrivé 10h25
A54148Lyon St ExuperyArrivé 21h59
AF7750Paris CdgArrivé 18h00
AF7734Paris CdgArrivé 14h15

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