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Moving has never been easier and more comfortable... for me and my business.


Toulouse - Lorient

Aircraft: Beechcraft 350i, 8 seats, flight time: 1h35, 1 flight per day on weekdays


Monday to Wednesday: Toulouse, departure 7:05 am - Lorient, arrival 8:40 am and Lorient, departure 9:10 am - Toulouse, arrival 10:45 am


Thursday to Friday: Toulouse, departure 5:05 pm - Lorient, arrival 6:40 pm and Lorient, departure 7:10 pm - Toulouse, arrival 8:45 pm


Contact: reservation through a travel agency or with APG AIRLINES at +33 1 53 77 13 25.


Private Jet with OpenFly

OpenFly offers private aviation at affordable rates from Lorient Bretagne Sud Airport.


The Lorient metropolitan area has entered into a partnership agreement with two private aircraft owners. This agreement provides access, at negotiated prices, to two private jets (maximum 4 passengers) at Lorient Bretagne Sud Airport. This will make private aviation accessible to local businesses and facilitate customized air travel from Lorient to any destination in France and Europe (over 4,000 cities will be accessible non-stop from Lorient).


Reservations and information available at